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About Us

Groovesters was originally started in 2007 by Elisheva Ben Ze’ev after her first child was born. Elisheva wanted something more than just plain white onesies and diaper-cloths for her newborn child – so she started Tie-Dyeing the boring white baby necessities in order to make life more colorful and vibrant for both of them.

From that first batch of Tie-Dye until today, Groovesters has grown into an amazing company that specializes in hand-dyed clothing and accessories made in Israel…

Our Creative Director and Master Designer, Elisheva Ben Ze’ev is an Olah from New Jersey who has….


Tova Hametz  made Aliya to Israel 14 years ago and currently lives in the Old City of Jerusalem. She has dedicated her career to…


The Groovesters Studio is located in a magnificent and historical area of the Golan Heights in the city of Katzrin in Northern Israel. Groovesters has a beautiful facility with state of the art equipment and supplies as well as…


Groovesters HQ
17th St, (corner 7th)
Katzrin, 12900, Israel
Phone: 052-386-8181
From the US: (732) 719-3764

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